Can I get a witness?

Here we are at another New Year and, arguably, a new decade. The dawn of every new year seems to start with social media exploding with ‘New Me, New You!’ posts that focus on getting fit and in shape before the Summer months of bikinis and palm trees. Maybe you are one of the new ‘resolutioners’ getting ready to reform yourself and get your body in shape, and that is certainly beneficial! Perhaps, you are willing to resolve something that lasts a little longer.

This year, while I can stand to lose more than a few pounds myself, I have a new kind of resolution. I certainly want to get my body in shape, but I am also reminded that this imperfect body of mine is only temporary and that, one day, I will inhabit a better one – one made for glory. So, why not start this year off by reminding others that they are destined (and designed) for better things?

This past couple of years have been a transition for me; I was finally able to return to college and finish a degree, which has been a dream of mine, and the degree and work mean a lot. It is a sense of accomplishment that I encourage everyone to achieve, whether it be a trade or entirely academic.

My degree allows me the unique opportunity to travel in my area and interact with people who are in their twilight years. I serve as a medical professional who goes into multiple nursing homes and care centers daily, and I sometimes see the sad and the forgotten. So, I decided to make a new kind of resolution this year: to let people know about Jesus!

I am an introverted person by nature, and I have come to grips with the fact that it is the way God created me, it is the way my brain is wired. I shy away from social interactions, even though people would not describe me as shy, and I certainly don’t throw myself out there as a witness every day. My resolution is to do that in my way – to figure it out.


Well, because the Word of God commands it of us.

How we witness is another story. All of us witness to what we believe or do not believe in the way we act and carry ourselves. I have tried to be a good witness to Jesus in regard of behavior for years. The Lord knows my heart, and it is a wicked one that often fails, but it is also a forgiven one that is loved by a Savior. I need to tell others about that, about that forgiveness.

So, how do I do that as an introvert who doesn’t like to put himself out there? That is my new year, new decade resolution. Currently, I do my job and then share with the patient a card that contains artwork that I find inspiring. On the back of that card is a message about forgiveness and a wonderful savior. That’s it, no-frills, and no knocking on doors to have them slammed in my face, just a simple witness in the way I treat others and a simple statement why.

It doesn’t have to be hard to witness God’s Love

I can’t tell you the joy, and the conversation starters, that it brings to some situations. How many times have you immediately found yourself in a conversation about someone’s most deep-rooted fears of dying? Struggles with sickness and why it happens?

The truth is that it challenges us as believers; it fulfills us as saints. The Bible doesn’t say we have to have all the answers. It just asks us to point people to One who does.

So, mister or missus new you…can you try something a little different this year? The body we are in is broken and wicked, and God can fix both of those things. He isn’t going to make us perfect, not yet anyway, but He can make us full and ready for that day. Make a resolution to share God’s love a little more this year – try it and tell me how you like it?

Can I get a witness?