Song without a voice

Lord, your glory amazes me
I stand in awe of it
To think that You, the Holy One, desire me
You, who wants for nothing
You do have a want,
You do have a desire,
It is that I will look upon your Holy Face
That I will see into your glory
Your eyes, your mouth as it speaks,
The soul of the Most High,
The ears that listen to my prattle
The ears that hear my deepest longings
I don’t deserve it yet I stand
My words can’t come but I speak
My heart screams out like the rocks
You have heard me
Your grace has begotten me
It has stitched my soul together from decay
In love for me you stood, you hung
So I may have life within me
Life cannot speak in your presence
Except to honor you in silent words
Even when my flesh says otherwise
You hear me truly
I thank you Lord, that you can hear
I thank you Lord that you see
That I can hide nothing from you
Not even the love hidden in despair
You are My God,
You are My King,
You are My Deliverer,
At your feast I still don’t speak. I sing.

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